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We help you maximise your hotel marketing and exposure to new clients. Tell your story and history in a beautiful and engaging way through high impact video production and highlight what your resort has to offer. Cinematic 4K video showcasing your property or hotel which converts to new business. Achieve more with your content by harnessing the power of video to create more targeted and impactful messaging.  Our full end to end service video productions and collective experience capture the heart and soul of your hotel or resort property.

“I come from a family of hoteliers, every member of my family both on my father's and mothers side owns hotels and restaurants around Italy. So I fully understands the needs of the hospitality world.”
Stefano Petroni,

Co-Founder Clean Capture

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3D virtual tours can take your business to a new dimension

Whether you want to give buyers the feeling of being in a new home, help guests start picturing their stay, or showcase the wonders of your venue to event planners and patrons - 3D virtual tours can help you do more business, faster.

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Why we have specialised in hotel and property

We are a group of film industry professionals who specialise in creating high quality photography and video content for leading hotels, resorts and properties.

We want you to know that the hospitality industry is in our blood, co-founder Stefano Petroni’s comes from a family of hotel owners with his dad currently running a luxury resort in the heart of Italy, Stefano has done every job there from pot wash to general manager so he knows the ins and outs of running a hotel, this is where he learnt his passion for video, making content for his family hotels was where it all started, many productions later and now we at here and have decided to specialise in hospitality content production as its what we do best! We pride ourselves on bringing a cinematic quality to our client’s marketing content. We highlight your hotel’s unique qualities and beautifully capture the experience, helping to entice new guests. Having worked on feature films, documentaries and corporate videos, we know how disruptive filming can be. We also know that you will want to continue trading during the shoot. So, we work extra hard to allay any concerns you may have about the shoot’s impact.

Clean Capture

Here's how the process works

We're experts in content creation and video production. With our years of expertise and accolades, there is no limit to production size, time frame and budget. Our service stretches all the corners of the globe and the deepest rabbit holes of imagination.

We work with you to understand your brands vision and message. We’ll tailor our approach to your objective. We align this vision with ours and build together a concept.

We have a clear plan to ensure an efficient and easy process. We have top of the range kit for all aspects of production and provide everything that’s needed on shoot days.

Our in-house talented editors, graphic designers and animators are at the top of their profession. Many years experience allows for a high quality but time efficient post-production process.

We can manage your social media, whether you are starting off and need the accounts set up or just want a new direction. We can put together a marketing strategy that is tailored to you and targets your audience. We can take full control, planning and posting on all channels.




Here's a video we whipped up of some our past hotel projects...


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