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Award Winning Film Production

Award Winning Film Production

We are a video production, editing and social media management company based in Bournemouth, UK. We pride ourselves on professionalism and impeccable video quality while always considering our environmental impact.

Clean Capture

We push the boundaries
of video production & content creation.

We're experts in content creation and video production. With our years of expertise and accolades, there is no limit to production size, time frame and budget. Our service stretches all the corners of the globe and the deepest rabbit holes of imagination.

We create inspiring content which ignites thoughts and ideas amongst those who view it.

To build community b2b and create a sustainable future for the planet that we all share.

To be considered as the top reputable company to contact for productions of all sizes.




What we do best

Video Production

We are content creation and video production experts with a passion to do our part for climate control.

We work with our clients to understand their brands vision and message. We then tailor our approach to the objective. We align this vision with ours and build together a concept.

Not sure what you want? Not to worry, our team can research your business and put together some concepts for you to choose from which target and engage your audience. We insure the concept is aligned with the businesses branding and ethos

Product & Service Industry

We have a keen eye for detail and know what works when it comes to showcasing your product or service to your target audience.. From beautifully cinematic visuals to informed strategies, we can deliver something exceptional each and every time. We help marketers and brands create targeted corporate video to help boost sales and generate brand awareness across the web.

Hotel & Property Industry

We help you maximise your hotel marketing and exposure to new clients. Tell your story and history in a beautiful and engaging way through high impact video production and highlight what your resort has to offer.

Social Media

Social media marketing forms part one of the most important parts of the marketing tool kit and it focuses purely on promoting your business, products and services through social media channels eg facebook, instagram and twitter.


How the
process works.

We provide smart and
flexible video services

Content Creation


Video Production


Content Marketing


We work with you to understand your brands vision and message. We’ll tailor our approach to your objective. We align this vision with ours and build together a concept.

We have a clear plan to ensure an efficient and easy process while getting everything out of each shoot. Timing is key, we pride ourself on our ability to be organised and on time for shoot days. Using our top of the range equipment with up to 8k video, we can provide everything you need and more.

In-house talented editors, graphic designers and animators that are at the top of their profession. Many years experience allows for a high quality but time efficient post-production process.

By looking to see what works for your platform, we can streamline your goals with tailored content that gets put out across your social media channels. We know what content works where so we can create successful paid advertising campaigns that help you reach a wide audience quicker versus organically building traffic across your pages


We invest in the best so you don’t have to

Here at Clean Capture we believe having the best vision and creativity when it comes to a project is very important, but paring that with the most advanced filming and editing kit out there is how we manage to stand out from the crowd. With technology constantly changing we like to keep up to date on the forefront of all the latest equipment so we can bring you the best quality possible.

These include:

Feedback from
our clients.

"Clean Capture helped us to form a vision for our organic cold pressed juice company. After meeting with the team, it quickly became evident that their professionalism & work ethic was through the roof. Within the first 20 minutes, a road map of how our advert would best be created was founded; in a non bias & relaxed environment.

The levels of creativity, quality of direction & high definition cameras, helped form the perfect advert to express a true representation of our company’s vision, which was a huge success across multiple platforms.

The Clean Capture team are within the top tiers of the advertising industry, offering outstanding outcomes for extremely competitive prices.."

"My experience with Clean Capture was perfect from start to finish. They created a concept to promote my business they knew I would like and would attract my clients attention. They put it together in an impressively quick time. The quality of their production truly over exceeded my expectations, I can’t recommend them enough!"

"Working with Clean Capture has been a dream. The guys managed the whole process from start to finish. THE best investment my business has made! The marketing they created for my small business has increased traffic / social media following. Thanks again!!"

"I've been using This guys for few videos and they never disappoint! It was fun work with them but also very professional. The results was an high quality video that capture the essence of our pasta ! worth every penny!"

"Creating powerful stories of the positive impact disabled people make to society . Made everyone feel relaxed and final results were professional . Everyone enjoyed the experience"

"Our goal was to create a unique summer video for our luxury chalet “Mi Chalet” in the Dolomites - Working with Clean Capture left no desires open: very professional, creative and motivated team. Ideas would just flow constantly. The images captured, underlined with just the right music condensed the essence of the chalet and increased our bookings noticeably! Highly recommend by The Castlunger Family of the Dolomit Homes & Hotel Group"

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